About Reponex

Reponex Pharmaceuticals A/S is a clinical-phase biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of new, effective treatments for diseases that have a significant impact on patients and the community, and to which no treatment is currently available or where is in need of better treatment. The diseases can be acute and life-threatening, for example. bacterial peritonitis (peritonitis) or colorectal cancer (colon or rectal cancer), or chronic diseases that impair the patient’s quality of life or shorten the patient’s life, e.g. inflammatory bowel diseases, or complications associated with chronic diseases, e.g. debilitating and chronic skin ulcers in patients with diabetes or venous insufficiency. There is a continuing medical need to improve the treatment of these quality of life-reducing disorders.

  • Repositioning

    This means essentially finding a new use for an established drug. Characteristically, this entails using the drug for a different indication (i.e. for treating another disease) than it was initially developed for, with the advantage of opening up a new market …

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  • Rerouting

    This means changing the route of administering the drug to a new one that is appropriate for the new indication. Essentially it means that Reponex reformulates the active pharmaceutical ingredients to make them suitable for local administration …

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  • Recombining

    This means combining different drugs that act on different aspects of the disease pathology to achieve an additive or even synergistic effect. At the same time, it is convenient for both the patient and the clinician not to have to apply several different …

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