Reaping the full benefit of the three-limb strategy


While many pharmaceutical developments involving the re-use of existing drugs exploit only one or two of the possible advantages of this strategy, Reponex’s three-limb strategy reaps the full benefit of what can be achieved, both by finding new indications and by optimizing the route of administration for these indications, and additionally by creating rational drug combinations to boost efficacy.

  1. Efficacy is augmented by delivering the drugs directly to their site of action, thus achieving high local concentrations with much lower drug dosages
  2. Adverse effects are minimized by not giving the drugs systemically – the corollary of the above
  3. Development costs and development time are cut
  4. The market potential, return on investment and business opportunities general to drug repositioning are exploited.

This provides a strong rationale for the financial potential of the Company’s strategy and holds out the prospect of an attractive risk/reward ratio.