Repositioning and Rethinking

New approaches to care for difficult-to-treat diseases

Who we are

Reponex Pharmaceuticals A/S is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company which is now a part of Pharma Equity Group A/S. Pharma Equity Group’s transaction with Reponex was approved in February 2023. Pharma Equity Group is an investment Company listed on the stock exchange that specializes in investing in the life science industry. It is Pharma Equity Groups’ ambition to focus on investments in life sciences companies who have clinical candidates in their portfolio, that are in an early stage of development (before phase II).

Reponex Pharmaceuticals A/S is dedicated to the development of new, effective treatments for diseases that have significant patient and social impact for which current therapy is lacking or in need of improvement. The diseases are acute or life threatening, such as bacterial peritonitis and colorectal cancer, or may be chronic diseases that reduce lifespan and the quality of life and may shorten it, including inflammatory bowel diseases or complications of chronic diseases such as the disabling non-healing skin ulcers in patients with diabetes or venous insufficiency. There is a continuing unmet medical need to improve the treatment of these difficult conditions, which is what Reponex strives to achieve.

           Business Model

It is Reponex’s ambition to create value through the company’s sustaining platform by bringing the clinical programs to a clinical phase II stage with securing IP at which the effects of the drug candidates can be documented with relevant clinical data.

Reponex is an organizational efficient company with an aggressive commercial outsourcing strategy to be as agile as possible, to meet complex and continual changes in the pharma industry. The strategy creates a cost efficient and flexible way to create relevant humane ressources fast, which is considered a key factor and drives success. 

Reponex drug development is based on a combination of:                                                                      

  • Repositioning existing APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients).
  • Clinical development strategy
  • Regulatory development strategy
  • Patent protection (IP)
  • Outsourcing



Repositioning is essentially finding a new use for an established drug. Characteristically this entails using the drug for a different indication (i.e. for treating another disease) than it was initially developed for, with the advantage of opening up a new market while saving on the preclinical and clinical phase I developing costs. A simple rerouting of this type has become a standard strategy employed by established pharmaceutical companies to extend their pipeline.



Essentially it means that Reponex reformulates the active pharmaceutical ingredients to make them suitable for local administration to the site where it needs to act, avoiding conventional systemic administration e.g. by intravenous or subcutaneous injection. This dramatically improves the efficacy of the drug, which reaches its site of action at high concentration, while correspondingly reducing or eliminating any systemic adverse reactions to drugs that penetrate poorly or not at all from the site of action to the systemic circulation.


Combining different drugs that act on different aspects of the disease pathology to achieve an additive or synergistic effect. At the same time, it is convenient for both the patient and the clinician having to apply several different medications at once to treat a single condition, using the preparation that has been developed to provide the optimal treatment. This principle is particularly well known in the drug combinations used to treat metabolic diseases, respiratory diseases and high blood pressure.

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